Disney’s latest campaign is breaking the princess stereotype

Disney’s latest campaign is breaking the princess stereotype

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Image: Photograph by Kate Parker (Image courtesy of Disney)

#DreamBigPrincess is Disney’s latest campaign, proving girls around the world are more than just a pretty face

The idea that girls only want to be saved by Prince Charming has seen Disney Princesses receive their fair share of criticism lately. You only need to re-watch some of your favourite Disney movies for a little flag of gender concern to be raised; Snow White was saved only because of her unworldly beauty, Jasmine was pressured into arranged marriages and Ariel gave up her voice for the chance to marry a Prince.

More recent Disney films however, have flipped this notion on its head. Frozen's Elsa is a strong independent Queen who is saved by her sister, Moana lives for adventure and even the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast saw Emma Watson alter the character of Belle to make her an inventor.

Disney is changing the role of the heroine, and for their latest campaign they are shattering the princess stereotype. The #DreamBigPrincess campaign, involves 19 female photographers who shot strong female role models from all over the world. Subjects of the photos include the youngest person to ever speak at the United Nations, a Chinese Paralympic gold medallist, the leader of Afghanistan's cycling team, among real girls playing soccer and surfing.

One of the photographers, Kate Parker shot her youngest daughter Alice and her soccer team all dressed in Disney Princess costumes. Speaking to Vogue she explained: "Like most kids, my daughters grew up having a lot of exposure to Disney and Disney princesses... I wanted to find a way to combine an element of empowering princess and real girls." 

Grace Bunke who was diagnosed with an aggressive bone cancer at age 11. Photograph by Kate Parker (Image courtesy of Disney)

Parker also shot Grace, a 9 year old girl who is training for a marathon while undergoing treatment for osteosarcoma. "I really feel a responsibility to show girls what is possible. So many images of girls these days are Photoshopped and filtered and not real," says Parker.

From August 15 - October 11 Disney Worldwide Services has partnered up with Girl Up, an organisation promoting the health, safety, education, and leadership of girls in developing countries. During this period Disney will donate US$1 for every public post of a photo using the hashtag #DreamBigPrincess with the aim to raise up to $US1 million.

Never has there been a better reason to get your selfie on #DreamBigPrincess

Disney’s latest campaign is breaking the princess stereotype (фото 1)

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