Deep dine: Europe is getting its first underwater restaurant

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Dining under the sea is about to become a reality...

If you've ever wanted to dine to dine among fish, coral and seaweed while digging into a fillet of salmon (would that be weird? Hmm), you'd usually have to take a trip to Dubai or the Maldives for one of their underwater restaurants. And while we'd happily take a trip to the Maldives any day, let us assure you, it's definitely not the easiest place in the world to get to. But next time you're booking your European vacay, take heed, because Europe is about to score it's first-ever underwater eatery.

Named 'Under' - for reasons no one needs to explain - the restaurant is being built at the Southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline in a village called Båly. Lying five metres below the water's surface, the restaurant will also double as a research centre for marine life. Built by architecture firm Snøhetta, Under's unusual design mirrors the craggy features of the Norwegian coast, looking a little like a sunken concrete periscope has fallen into the ocean.

With space for 80-100 guests, the restaurant is flanked by huge, 11x4 metre window that will allow guests to gaze upon the aquatic life as they eat their meal. While it's not finished yet, expect Under to be a major drawcard for visitors of the Scandinavian country. In fact, we're adding it to our bucket list right now....

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