Can’t get no “satisfaction”? Move to these cities and you just might

Can’t get no “satisfaction”? Move to these cities and you just might

The pleasure states

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Who knew an address could be the difference between ‘meh’ and ‘yeah!’ sex?

When it comes to the delicate business of sexual satisfaction, finding the ideal, ahem, pleasure state can come down to a number of factors which, according to a new report, include the very surprising twist of where you live. Geography class would have been so different if that unique "attribute" had been included on each country's map page.

The report from adult entertainment company Lazeeva, titled The Most Sex-Positive Cities In The World, aimed to according to their website, "...look into how sex is viewed differently around the world, which cities have made progress towards sexual openness, and which would benefit from further liberation in future." They researched ten different factors from a list of 100 cities where they were able to obtain data including: libido, porn consumption, access to contraception, LGBT friendliness and of course sexual satisfaction.

Which city came in at number one? Paris of course, the most romantic city in the world is, according to the study also the most sex-positive. Paris' overall score across the ten categories was a solid 86.5 out of 100 just ahead of Rio de Janeiro at 86.15 per cent. Drilling down to the individual categories throws up some very interesting insights, Paris although top of the pops overall only scores 7.8 out of 10 for sexual satisfaction versus Amsterdam (overall #10) which scored a scorching 9.7 out of 10 for satisfaction. Montreal in Canada scored a supersonic 9.5 for LGBT friendliness but hit a major fail on the sexual satisfaction front with a lowly 1.7 out of 10.

According to the study the top ten most 'sex-positive' cities are:

#1 Paris, France 
#2 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 
#3 London, UK 
#4 Los Angeles, USA 
#5 Berlin, Germany 
#6 New York City, USA 
#7 Sao Paulo, Brazil 
#8 Las Vegas, USA 
#9 Ibiza Town, Spain 
#10 Amsterdam, Netherlands

For the full list head to

Can’t get no “satisfaction”? Move to these cities and you just might (фото 1)

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