With hot tubbing and flick viewing gaining traction as the cool weather al fresco option round the globe - Melbourne had a hugely popular run last year - Sydney is the next city to score the opportunity to catch a flick under the wintry stars without fear of losing a finger to frost bite.  Started by a couple of friends in London a few years back, donning a bikini and watching a classic retro flick under the stars while sitting in a hot tub (translation: blow up pool) seems the perfect formula to spice up a long doona-clad winter of hibernation.

Hot Tub Cinema

Exact dates and location are still to be confirmed, but we hear July is the tentative timeline and the location will be a rooftop somewhere in Sydney. Four showings are on the cards and although tickets are not available yet, head to hottubcinemasydney.com to get the inside track on pre-release tickets.

The hottest al fresco cinema is coming to Sydney