Berlin is famous for its clubbing scene - think Berghain, Adagio and Watergate - with major cities like New York and London seeking to emulate its buzz. So presumably, it's only a matter of time before this latest craze takes off worldwide - clubbers in Berlin have taken to snorting cacao.

Apparently, raw cocoa offers a natural - and legal - high that's considered an alternative to cocaine, with Berlin nightclubs selling it in powder, liquid and pills. Alchemy & Eros have even rebranded their notorious raves as a "monthly cacao-fuelled dance party," with what they call "culinary adventurers" serving "high vibe medicines" such as cacao.

We know as well as Legally Blonde's Elle Woods that chocolate releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy, but this takes the idea a whole lot further. Dazed reports that you can already buy cacao pills in New York and London thanks to rave company Morning Gloryville, although, as The Independent points out, it's possible the perceived high is simply placebo - and it's probably too soon to know if there are any adverse side effects from trying to snort chocolate. Maybe stick to consuming it in bar form.

Cacao is the new cocaine, at least in Berlin's nightclubs