Guess what? Beautiful people aren't actually paid more

Guess what? Beautiful people aren't actually paid more


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You know the old study about good looking people earning more and being treated nicer by others?

Well, we can't do much about the attention thing, but there's good news for your career. Turns out, science was kinda wrong about pretty people being paid more. A new study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology disputes the long-held claim that beautiful people get a leg up not just in life, but in business too.

According to the study, which measured 20,745 people on a five-point scale between the ages of 16 and 29, attractiveness wasn't the sole factor that guaranteed higher wages. The study took health, intelligence, and personality into account and found that yes, above average looking workers earned more, but it was because they were healthier, smarter and had better personalities (presumably because the world was nicer to them). But here's where the study gets interesting. Very unattractive workers actually earned significantly more than their alluring counterparts. In fact, they even outearned their average looking co-workers. Oops.

So you can forget about the beauty premium, it seems the ugliness premium pays even better. Far from being the recipients of a HR pity party, so-called ugly people were rewarded for their health, intelligence and personality too. So basically, being smart, healthy and having a killer personality means you'll be rewarded at work - despite being exceptionally unfortunate looking. Too bad if you're just plain jane... but we guess it's what's on the inside that counts?

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