Arianna Huffington, pioneer of digital news site the Huffington Post is preparing to leave the company she founded, as she turns her eye towards a new venture - health and wellbeing startup Thrive Global. The digital media powerhouse and author of two books expressed surprise at her decision, tweeting that she is stepping down as Huff Post's editor in chief, to concentrate on expanding her net baby, Thrive Global.

"Since publishing Thrive and then The Sleep Revolution, I've dreamt of taking the next big step to help transform the way we work and live," says Huffington in a press release. "When I decided to create Thrive Global, I thought it would be possible to build a startup and continue as editor-­in-­chief of the Huffington Post. Today, it's clear that was an illusion. As Thrive Global moved from an idea to a reality, with investors, staff, and offices, it became clear to me that I simply couldn't do justice to both companies."

The Huffington Post was launched in 2005 and has gone on to be hugely successful, winning a Pulitzer Prize in 2012 for journalism and expanding into new markets like Australia last year. It was acquired by AOL five years ago and Huffington was signed on to stay as president and editor-in-chief until 2019... up until this announcement. Given the global appetite for health and fitness content and Huffington's track record for success, we can only imagine that Thrive will live up to its name.

Arianna Huffington is stepping down at the Huffington Post