Easy, greasy, cheap fast food is what we usually associate with drive-throughs but Queensland has announced, according to pedestrian.tv, they'll be offering the same convenient service fast food restaurants offer but without the fries and with a compulsory voting card.

Pedestrian.tv reports the drive-through polling stations won't be offered to all their registered voters for the upcoming state election at the end of the month, just those voters who have "mobility limiting disabilities."

This is a first for Australia and will be trialled in the "electorates of Oodgeroo and Noosa" according to the article with the hope that if the trial is successful it will be implemented across our wide brown land, making voting much easier for all Australian's living with mobility disabilities.

Some US states and Calgary in Canada have recently trialled their own drive-through polling initiatives (which they call 'drive-thru voting') with good success in Calgary despite a few teething issues with long queues. According Global News, in Calgary's 2017 election "...officials said during the first hours of advanced polling, turnout was already up about 20 per cent over the first day in the 2013."

Are drive-through voting booths coming Down Under?