And the 2016 word of the year is…

And the 2016 word of the year is…

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Oxford Dictionary has just released its word of the year for 2016 and – drumroll please – it’s not what you’d expect

'Post-truth'. That's apparently the 2016 word of the year according to Oxford Dictionary. While we'd be hard pressed to find many reasons to drop this into everyday conversation, in the context of Brexit and the Trump presidency, it makes perfect sense. Defined as "an adjective relating to circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than emotional appeals," in non-dictionary terms this pretty much sums up the way the entire Trump administration ran its election campaign: emotions, not facts.

For example, Trump's 'post-truth' called out general anger at foreigners taking local jobs ("Let's build a wall") or outright, baseless lies about Mexicans ("They're rapists"). While it may seem surprising that such a politically minded word took out the top honour, in the context of Brexit and Trump this year... we understand. Compared to 2015's word of the year: the crying with laughter emoji face, 2014's word of the year ('vape') and 2013's ('selfie'), it's a decidedly more sombre word to match the current political mood.

Runner up words for 2016 are equally as head scratching: 'adulting', 'alt-right', 'Brexiteer', 'chatbot', 'coulrophobia', 'glass cliff', 'hygge', 'Latinx', and 'woke'.

We dare you to use them in a sentence. 

And the 2016 word of the year is… (фото 1)

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