Addicted to the net? You need to read this

Addicted to the net? You need to read this

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We’ve all heard about rehab for addiction to various vices including drugs, alcohol and sex, but now there’s rehab for Internet addiction and it is not a safe space

When we think of drying out it's usually related to kicking an unhealthy addiction to substances we're putting in our bodies causing major health issues and often crazy, dangerous behaviour endangering our lives and the lives of those around us (blackout drunk drivers we're talking to you).

But apparently in China, drugs and alcohol aren't the addictions to worry about - it's too much screen time - and authorities have been so concerned about the impact on their youth a slew of dedicated Internet addiction rehab clinics have been cropping up all over the country to combat this screen time epidemic.

However, unlike most other rehab clinics where you go to get well (or the case of Hollywood's five star rehab centres, for a mini holiday), these clinics are unregulated, hard-core boot camps where teens aren't getting well and in one very recent case, dying during a stint in rehab.

According to Dazed, "A teenager has died in China after a brief stay at an Internet addiction boot camp. The 18-year-old's parents were told their son had to be rushed to a hospital, where he later died, just two days after they dropped him off.... The teen's mother, Ms Liu described her son's body as "completely covered with scars from top to toe.""

And this shocking outcome is not a one-off, according to the article, ..."patients have claimed they are regularly beaten for not following orders, have been intentionally sleep deprived, forced to do military drills and... were given electroshock therapy as a part of the programmes." The article further reports that back in 2016 a 16-year-old teenager starved her mother to death in retribution for being sent to one of the camps where she was allegedly abused.

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