About to take a work smoko? You need to read this

About to take a work smoko? You need to read this

Thank you for not smoking

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A progressive company in Japan is rewarding non-smokers with SIX extra days of annual holiday leave to make up for all the breaks smokers take during the year

Let's hope this catches on because it's just about the BEST work-related reward for being a non-smoker (apart from the obvious health benefits of avoiding lung, tongue and throat cancer).

According to MSN, Japanese marketing firm Piala Inc introduced the new non-smoker holiday leave policy back in September, "...after members of staff expressed frustration over some colleagues going on smoking breaks throughout the day." And since the new policy came into play, "...30 employees have taken advantage of the extra paid leave."

In an interesting retro twist (because who knew suggestion boxes were still a thing?), MSN reports the idea for the 'healthy holiday leave bonus' came through the staff suggestion box with a company spokesperson telling The Telegraph, "One of our non-smoking staff put the message in the company suggestion box earlier in the year saying smoking breaks were causing problems."

While in most offices a colleague taking a five minute smoko every now and then wouldn't usually be grounds for an extra six days holiday leave for non-smokers, the Tokyo office of Piala Inc is on the 29th floor and so taking a smoko involves a ton of 'travel time' to the smoking zone at the bottom of the building.

MSM reports the company hopes the new non-smoker holiday leave bonus will not only even up the productivity gap but also help staff quit the habit. 

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