27 ways to get the body you’ve always wanted

Text: Yeong Sassall

Think those Victoria Secret girls are just born with great abs? Don't be silly, says James Anderson

I believe that the vast majority of people go out of their way to make this health and fitness stuff far more complicated than it needs to be. Whether it's talking themselves out of something before they even begin or just believing that they must have to do a drastic detox, radical plan, or cutting edge program if they've any hope of getting results.

Yeah, that's complete nonsense. I think we both know that you don't need a magic pill, you just need to stick with the stuff that works, with consistency. That's it. No fancy-pants needed. The real magic to ensuring you actually end up getting the body you've always wanted doesn't require anything more than following some of these 27 (surprisingly simple) tips:

27 ways to get the body you’ve always wanted (фото 1)

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