26 awesome celeb reactions to Trump's #MuslimBan

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Flipping out over Donald Trump's immigration ban? You're not alone

Another day, yet another Trump controversy. We're just one week into Trump's US Presidency, but already we've seen widespread protesting at the Women's March and now worldwide disbelief over the executive order, which bans immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Taking aim at Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, the Trump administration has claimed it's order is not an act against Muslims per se, but about protecting the US from terrorism. Hmmm. 

Of course, hysteria and confusion has ensued. Many Green-Card holding immigrants were detained at airports, plus a whole bunch of outraged Americans (who clearly didn't vote Trump) have been voices of dissent on social media. Click through the gallery above for a snapshot of what high-profile people, such as Kim Kardashian West, Rihanna and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau have been saying.

26 awesome celeb reactions to Trump's #MuslimBan (фото 1)

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