The Buro 24/7 culture guide: summer edition

Feel the heat

Text: Yeong Sassall

As we hit the end of what we can all agree, has been a tumultuous year, Buro culturemaker Noelle Faulkner rounds up the coolest ways to dive into summer this December and January

Hey. Hi. Hello. If you are reading this, then pat yourself on the back for getting to the end of the year in one piece. You may be missing some bits, physically or metaphorically (we all are, TBH), but you're here reading my monthly drivel and that's a thing (and thank you). Join me in a big exhale-sigh-yell "F*#K YOU, 2016!" I'm done, you're done, celebrities living in fear of death are done. We are all done. #JESUISDONE.

We're very lucky that here in the southern hemisphere, we can go out with a high-summer bang. The final death rattle of 2016 is drowned out with sunny laughs, the clinking of frosty cocktails, the crashing of the ocean, the shucking of oysters and hopefully, the heavy breathing and heat palpitations of a hot summer romance. Really, it's hard to be pessimistic about the new year when you're laying on a beach, dancing barefoot under the sun or cutting loose and glittering with a light sweat at a party on a warm night...

Well, 'tis the season of hedonism. From festivals (Laneway, Falls, Southbound, Field Day, So Frenchy So Chic and Mona Foma, to name a few) to day parties, outdoor cinema indulgence, incredible art shows, beachside lazing and gigs-a-plenty, there is plenty to distract you from the ghosts of 2016-past and aid in a hot pursuit of pleasure... Happy New Year.

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