The Buro 24/7 culture guide: November

Text: Yeong Sassall

Is your diary looking a bit bare this November? Buro culturemaker, Noelle Faulkner rounds up the best ways to fill it up

My dog coughed up a Christmas beetle this week - a sign that summer is well and truly knocking at the door. It was a weird thing to witness, as I have no idea where the damn thing came from or if he survived once I put him in the garden, but still, there's really no thrill like seeing the first Christmas beetle of the season.  The beauty of November, is that it's full of summer signs - the bloom of the Jacaranda, nights that edge on balmy and mornings so beautiful they actually do will you out of bed. Things just seem to get a little bit easier in November, no?

This month in happenings around the country, there are, for some reason, a hell of a lot of film festivals - like, a lot. There is literally a film festival on a day this month -and I haven't' even included Lorne Film Festival, The Serbian Film Festival or Lido's Monster Film Fest in Hawthorne, because it's November and we also want to spend time away from a screen, right?  I guess this happens as films that premiered at global festivals earlier in the year finally get a screen here, maybe? Anyway, it does mean that regardless of what city you're in or your preferred flavour of film, there's a festival and a handful of flicks out there to tempt you into the cinema (our outdoors under the stars - the first of the outdoor cinemas also open this month).

In addition, this month sees a series of major art exhibitions hitting state galleries for the summer - the David Hockney survey of current works at the NGV, being a personal highlight.

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