The Buro 24/7 culture guide: March

What's on in March

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Have your diaries, iCal and Hermes leather-bound agendas at the ready, Buro culture maker Noelle Faulkner has rounded up 31 ways to get a culture hit this month

This morning, Tuesday 1st March, at around 9am, a colleague walked past my hotdesk at Buro24/7 HQ and mumbled "it is autumn now, isn't it?" Calm down, son. My hair is still salty from last night's swim and this is a pre-coffee exchange.  All those in a 5m radius groaned. Summer cannot be over. No way. There are still night swims to be had, cocktails to be drunk, hot flings to be indulged in, barbeque meats to be smoked and I still haven't blown up the obnoxious  giant flamingo I was given for Christmas... Current state: Utter denial.

Thankfully, it seems I'm not the only one in this bell jar, because the cultural gods that be have made March one of the biggest months on the event calendar.  Art festivals, film festivals, food festivals! All the glitter of Mardi Gras, plus talks, theatre, motorsports and if all that is too much, there's also stacks of new books to pour over while chasing that last slither of sun.

As the cicada shrills and the thump of Christmas beetles slamming against your windows begins to get replaced by the clunk of spikey balls off the liquidamber tree, click through this gallery of a thing-to-do-a-day and remember, we're all in this together. 

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