The Buro 24/7 culture guide: August 2017

Text: Yeong Sassall

With another month down in the year, Buro culturemaker Noelle Faulkner muses on strange seasonal happenings and the best ways to make up for wasted time

Walking past my local florist a few weeks ago, I noticed they were selling jonquils and daffodils, flowers that aren't supposed to be here until spring. It made me start to notice other seasonal anomalies; bursts of wattle dotting the bush, which don't normally rear their fluffy golden heads for at least another month; cygnets and baby birds at the park shivering in the cold; a 26-degree day in the middle of July followed by a top of 7.  

On one side of things, it's scary because it probably has something to do with climate change and the death of the planet, but also, poetically, these things usually act as markers of time. Of stakes in the road keeping us in check, reminding us how fleeting and elastic it is - it seems it was only yesterday we were oohing and ahhing over the Jacaranda carpets of late spring and wiping mango juice off our chins. Where does the time go?

I can easily lose hours of my life to scrolling social media feeds, watching trashy TV or mindlessly staring into space after parking my car, but yet queuing up for tickets to a movie, calling my nan, making time for coffee with a friend or going for a run sometimes seem too hard, despite the feel-good outcome of the later versus the scientifically proven depression caused by the former. Why are we so wired to disrespect time? And why do we beat our past selves up for losing it instead of making use with the minutes of the present.

I guess, that's where these guides come in, that idea of culture making our time spent on this earth a little bit sweeter, an indulgence minus the guilt. If you can't travel or plan an escape from the monotony of time, at least fill your pockets with something you can share, see, do, learn or love. Something that is going to make you feel things, ring a bell of truth or help you escape for an hour and a half (and doesn't make you feel as lonely while everyone else is seemingly in Positano) - if you're not going to fill your life with things that enrich it, what's the point?

This month, enrichment comes in many forms -there's a heavy drop of new music, 20th anniversary screenings of The Fifth Element, a dog festival, science festival, oyster festival and James Bond festival (sort of); a wonderful Dior exhibition opens at the NGV, My Father Wrote a Porno comes to Australian shores and the Melbourne film festival is giving us major film fest fomo. What are you waiting for?

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