6 (non-cheesy) ideas for a boys’ night out in Sydney

6 (non-cheesy) ideas for a boys’ night out in Sydney

The classier alternative

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Get your crew and get on it, says David Smiedt

There was a time - not so long ago - where a boy's night out meant booze, booze and more booze, the possible encounter with a "dancer" called Kharlie (but pronounced Charlie) whose dad never came to enough of her netball games and a whole bunch of regret. But that's the great thing about time. It moves on. Here, the best boys' nights in the harbour city and the best of all? You'll wake  up the next morning with your dignity intact.

The meat fest at Porteno

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No it's not Grindr. You don't want to make someone you love watch you devour a rack of ribs but your mates have no problem with the grease-flecked spectacle. Occupying a brand-new site in Holt Street, Surry Hills, the team behind Bodega, Continental and Stanbuli offer a carnivore's delight cooked over traditional Argentine coals. The eight hour lamb is worth it alone.

Raise your spirits at Archie Rose Distillery

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A boys' night without alcohol is like Donald Trump without the misogyny. It just doesn't feel right. At this Roseberry temple to all things alcoholic, $10 gets you a one-hour behind the scenes tour with an extra $10 scoring a tasting session with the distillers. They also make their own gin, vodka and rye. Just make sure someone has Uber.

Have a laugh at The Mic In Hand

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Housed in the slightly shabby but genuinely iconic Friend In Hand Hotel in Glebe, this Thursday night comedy event has been going since 2003 and still costs just $10 bucks to get in. You get a professional MC and headliner plus a bunch of open micers who have fought to gain a spot here plus it's a favourite of big name acts who drop in to try new gear.

Get into swinging at Golf In The City

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A chic city bar? Tick. A high-tech golf simulator with 80 courses? Tick. Optional coaching? Tick. For $135, five of you get your own simulator for an hour, so brush up your trash talking and swing hard.

Hit it for six at The Big Bash

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Australia's 20/20 cricket competition gets bigger and better every year. It starts in December and games kick off at around 7.30pm - just enough time for a few at the pub after work and then to the ground. Games are played at either Moore Park or Homebush so there's a convenient option wherever you're based. The format means you're generally home within three hours and tickets cost $20. It's also a great opportunity to tell your mates what a wizard with the willow you were back in the day. Howzat?

The need for speed at Pilgrim Sailing

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Okay this is stretching the definition of boys' night out a tad: it's more an early evening, but with one of the world's most magnificent harbours at your boat shoes - kidding, no one wears boat shoes - you really should enjoy it more often. Preferably with mates. You can take the classic cruise option for $99 per person where Pilgrim staff will ply you with sundowners and do all the hard work but if you really want to get the adrenaline pumping and your hands dirty, sign up for one of the twilight races where you will be required to work as a crew member in a dash for the line.

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