Headed to New York this year? Make like model/artist Amy Finlayson and add these exibitions to your calendar

The urban jungle of New York City. A confusing web of concrete and exhilaration and sometimes a very overwhelming place to see art. Luckily I hit the pavements and did the hard yards for you to find the best (and most obscure) shows to see this NYC summer.

Note: some of these galleries are located in Chelsea. Now here's the thing with Chelsea... don't go on weekends! You will be met with a throng of tourists and you will never get anywhere. Want to see it like a true artsy New Yorker? Go on Thursday nights and get free champagne while you're at it. This way you see the new shows (before the unknowing masses) that are opening for the week or fortnight. 

Click through the gallery above to see eight must-see shows, from art luminaries such as James Turrell, Cindy Sherman, Anish Kapoor and Edgar Degas.

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