Mimi Elashiry talks health, fitness and life mantras

Mimi Elashiry talks health, fitness and life mantras

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The Australian self-made model shares her health and fitness secrets

At just 5'6, Mimi Elashiry was once told she will never make it as a model. Fast-forward a couple of years, and Mimi is now the face of Pandora's new 'Rose' campaign, one of Australia's leading digital influencers (she has a whopping 800,000+ following), and recently signed with leading L.A. modelling agency NEXT models -  so look who had the last laugh. We spoke to the free-spirited, clean-eating 20-year-old about all things Mimi: 

Congratulations on the new campaign! What do you love about this new Pandora campaign?

This campaign is exciting as it captures the style of today's woman through gorgeous jewelry and an expression of movement and femininity. It also evokes memories many young women had growing up of a vintage jewelry box ballerina. Most importantly, the project is part of a movement that invites young women to celebrate their own individuality, talents, and style.

You use to be a dancer, do you still dance and what type of style?

I do! I am a classical trained ballerina, however I never had the feet to pursue it as a career! I fell in love with contemporary dance, and now living in Los Angeles I have started to take up hip-hop too - it's super fun and challenging to let myself go! 

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What's your weekly exercise regime like?

As a dancer I find using machines to exercise at the gym monotonous and boring. I love to be outside - long walks and hikes are a great kind of exercise to share with friends, even walking when running errands instead of driving or using transport. However my main kind of exercise at the moment has been dancing! Wherever I travel I find studios and take ballet, contemporary and hip-hop classes. I also love doing dance cardio workouts, as it's a super fun way to get in that cardio! 

How do you stay motivated?

I listen to my body! I love the feeling of being fit and healthy, so my motivation is my own feeling mind/body wellbeing! When my mind and body are at ease everything else in life flows and feels right. 

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You've got a massive Instagram following, what do you keep in mind when taking shots?

My posts always flow without too much thinking, as they are usually whatever I'm doing in my day. My audience is mostly young women, so having two little sisters myself I find it comes naturally to set a good example and inspire everyone to live a holistic healthy lifestyle and explore their creativity. 

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What's an average day on a plate for you?

My favourite breakfast is a little organic gluten free chia muffin, and a butter coffee (coffee blended with coconut oil and butter). For lunch, I love to have a salad with grated raw beetroot and some kind of protein (either boiled eggs, or a little bit of wild caught local fish or tempeh), seeds and a pinch of goji berries sprinkled on top. For dinner I love pumpkin!!! Any way - soup, miso glazed, roasted in coconut oil and cinnamon...with tahini, YUM! 

Have you always eaten organically and healthily or is this something that's developed overtime?

It has happened over time. Growing up my mum was the most amazing cook! We all ate dairy, wheat, and meat cooked the most beautiful ways! However, around the age of 15 I started having stomach issues and gradually cut out wheat and dairy, then went pescetarian. I found it really helped and I felt much better! Two years ago I started eating organic and now I'm hooked. I love going to the farmers markets and collecting all the seasonal food, cooking my own meals and knowing exactly where my food comes from! 

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Do you have a morning ritual you like to follow?

I love to jump in some kind of water first thing; I get very hot when I sleep so either an ice cold shower to stimulate my lymphatic system or jumping in the ocean if it's nearby. I drink warm water with lemon in it, and try to not look at my phone for at least an hour when I wake up, to give myself time to be within my own space and feel what my mind and body needs for the following day.

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You're a true natural beauty; do you stick by a strict skincare routine? If so, what products do you use?

On my skin I exfoliate once a week using a cinnamon scrub and a green clay masque. The rest of the time I simply wash with just water and moisturizer with hemp oil or jojoba oil (unless I have makeup on) - in which case I remove the makeup with a little bit of coconut oil or single origin organic olive oil, and wash the excess off with goat soap and then moisturize.

Life mantra you like to live by?

All you have is Here and Now. So surrender and just be.

What's your favourite way to relax?

Go for a walk in nature! I love walking [being] surrounded by trees and luscious greenery, fresh forest air, and the lovely rain smell of the natural ground. My favourite place to bush walk is through the back tracks of Byron Bay.

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How would you describe your fashion style?

Eclectic! I am inspired by wherever I travel. The cultures, people in the street, the things I collect, textiles and shapes...I combine them and dress to how I feel, for example, simpler in the city, and more bohemian when I travel. 

Who's your biggest style inspiration?  

Cher from the 70's! I have always been obsessed with costume design! I love her eclectic style. For everyday [style] I love the effortless, laidback yet feminine style of Jane Birkin

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