"Life on tour is pretty wild": Laura Enever reveals all

"Life on tour is pretty wild": Laura Enever reveals all

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What's life like for the pro surfer and the global face of Billabong? The Aussie star gives us a glimpse into her wave-fueled world

She's ranked in the top 10 of the Women's World Tour and has over 330,000 Instagram followers eating up her every move: to say Laura Enever is accomplished would be an understatement. Yet the blonde bombshell hasn't let her extraordinary success go to her head - she admits "winning the Australian Open of Surfing this year was amazing," but when asked what's next? "I won't lie, my main goal right now is to clean and organise my garage." How's that for keeping it real?

It's no mean feat for someone whose day job takes her from slaying the waves in Maui to shooting with Captain & the Gypsy Kid on the streets of Paris, but for Enever, the mix makes sense. As comfortable in neoprene as she is in Isabel Marant (not to mention her own skin), Enever's fan club loves her for her beach luxe sense of style as much as her surfing prowess. It doesn't hurt that she has one of the best bods in the sport - read on for Enever's upfront interview, in which she spills on just what happens on tour, how she stays so stunning and her surfing icons.

"Life on tour is pretty wild": Laura Enever reveals all (фото 1)

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What's life like on the surfing circuit?
"Life on the Women's World tour is pretty wild. We travel from event to event all year round surfing and competing, sometimes I have to pinch myself! Although surfing is my passion I look at competing as my job and like any job, it has its ups and downs. It's a big challenge but I feel very lucky to ride waves for a living."

Do all the Australian surfers stick together or is it fiercely competitive? 
"The surfing world is like a big family. We all compete against each other but what happens in the water stays in the water - no matter what! Everyone looks out for each other on the road. I always stay with my closest friends on tour and the Australians stick together."

Is there much chance to hang out and let your hair down on tour?
"Of course! After each event we celebrate for the winners but between events my favourite thing to do is visit new places and just travel and enjoy myself. Being on tour is all about balance but I want to make the most of it!"

"Life on tour is pretty wild": Laura Enever reveals all (фото 2)

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What does your training regimen involve? 
"When I'm at home my training regimen is a lot more structured. I work with a personal trainer a few times a week and do lots of yoga and Pilates. When I'm travelling I just stick to lots of yoga and surf as much as possible!"

Do you follow a certain diet?
"I don't follow a certain diet but I just eat as clean and simply as possible. I've found what works for me but believe everything in moderation is good. I love my fruit and veggies but I also love tacos!"

"Life on tour is pretty wild": Laura Enever reveals all (фото 3)

Are there any foods you avoid? 
"I keep dairy, gluten and processed foods to a minimum but believe diet is all about balance and finding what makes your body feel its best."

What are your beauty essentials?
"My make-up bag includes moisturiser, a night serum, a light foundation, concealer, a mineral powder, lip cream and mascara. I don't wear much make-up so those few things come with me everywhere!"

Any tips for waterproof, beach-proof beauty products that see the distance?
"I put all my trust in Shiseido products when it comes to being in the sun.  They have a water-resistant tinted moisturiser and zinc foundation powder that work great together. Ella Bache has a 50+ lip gloss that works amazingly. As for hair, a leave-in conditioner is a must after every surf or swim."

"Life on tour is pretty wild": Laura Enever reveals all (фото 4)

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You must be an expert at packing by now - what are your travel essentials?
"I just try to pack what I use every day. I travel with my favourite books and all my vitamins and protein/green powders (I even travelled with a blender for a while but the weight became an issue). Having a good routine on the road is important. I also take a mini speaker... I'm always playing my music."

How do you define success?
"Success to me isn't about a result or a win. I think it's about working towards reaching your potential and goals, even when it means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. My biggest feelings of accomplishment come from overcoming fears and challenges in and out of the water."

"Life on tour is pretty wild": Laura Enever reveals all (фото 5)

Which surfers do you look up to the most?
"I look up to people who work hard for what they want in life - Mick Fanning is one of my faves." 

Do you think it's harder to be a female surfer at this level than a male? Do you face different pressures? 
"I think women's surfing is in a very exciting place, the level is rising every year and prize money is now equal for men and women on the World Tour. As for pressure there are always going to be different pressures between men and women in anything... My biggest pressure comes from wanting to prove myself, which I know is silly but sometimes I can't help it."

"Life on tour is pretty wild": Laura Enever reveals all (фото 6)

"Life on tour is pretty wild": Laura Enever reveals all (фото 7)

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