Interior lives: inside the homes of famous artists

Creative habitation

Text: Yeong Sassall

From Tracey Emin to Jeffrey Smart, Ros Brennan peers behind the curtains into some of the world's most celebrated artists' homes to discover their inimitable sense of style

By nature, artists have a different way of seeing the world. They are philosophical, intuitive, unconventional and a sometimes a little bit mad. Like a miniature diorama of their psyche, an artists' living space is an extension of themselves.

The antithesis of glossy design mags with perfectly placed homewares and matching throw rugs; artists' homes don't fall victim to passing trends or the 'me-too' syndrome. They are living, breathing spaces, filled with decade's worth of books, mismatching colours and textures, parquetted floors, money-can't-buy treasures and just the right amount of mess.

From converted barn-houses in the French countryside to bohemian Frida Kahlo-inspired warehouses in Sao Paulo - there is an authentic, inimitable charm about the way a creative person designs their home, ultimately establishing a space that becomes a rich source of inspiration.

Click through the gallery to peruse the homes of 13 creatives from around the globe, and commandeer that artistic touch for your own space. 

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