Hot steppers: the rise of the creative influencer


Text: Yeong Sassall

Corduroy pants, feathers, sparkly shoes and swag to make Beyoncé jealous? Ros Brennan peers into the world of Australia's top creative influencers who are embracing individuality and kicking their norm-core contemporaries to the kerb

The term 'influencer' has experienced somewhat of a semantic shift in the past decade. Rather than politicians, authors, social commentators and the most illustrious celebs; an influencer now extends to anyone with more than 10k followers on Instagram.

When we hit that seductive blue trigger point (also known as the follow button) we are ultimately saying 'I look up to you / I covet what you have / you embody a lifestyle and an ideology that I aspire to.'  However, Instagram has reached a stage in its maturity when users are starting to wise-up. There's been a flurry of articles preaching the virtue of an Insta-purge, aka unsubscribing to the vacuous, cookie-cutter types whose style can best be described as beige; with feeds containing an offensive amount of flat-lays, Aperol spritz and the word 'squad'.

What has emerged in this context of the savvy social media consumer is an increasing appetite for authenticity, boldness and individuality. Enter the creative influencer. Working across the whole gamut of artistic vocations - from fashion to choreography to DJing - what they have in common in a generous sprinkling of swagger, a style that doesn't pander to trends and a sassy, entrepreneurial spirit. They are the sparkliest of souls who dance to the beat of their own drum and aren't afraid to do the tango with left-of-centre life. 

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