The Aussie taking aerial photography to mesmerising new heights

It's something of a cliché, but Gab Scanu's best work really does exist on Instagram. But as his 309,000 followers would suggest, the photo-sharing app is the perfect platform for discovering his incredible aerial beach landscapes. Whether taking aim at one of Sydney's countless beach scenes or endless miles of Californian coastline, Gab's work is focused primarily on the most Australian of fixations - where ocean meets sand. Magnifying the raw, astonishing beauty of familiar places like Bondi, Maroubra and Freshwater, Gab's aerial shots are a shining example of what one can do with a camera, a drone and some sharp photoediting skills.

The Australian photographer may only be in his early twenties, but he's already caught the attention of Samsung, who recently welcomed Gab into their family of Makers. We sat down with the artist to learn more about his craft and how he's planning to utilise Samsung's best technology for his work.

How long have you been doing photography?
Since I was about 12. I was introduced to a DSLR camera and have been shooting ever since.

Aerial love: Gab Scanu shares the secret to his incredible photography

What's your background - did you study photography or fine arts?
I never studied photography. My father is a cinematographer and a lot of what I learnt about photography I learnt from him.

I'm guessing a lot of work goes into setting up your incredible aerial photography shots - what methods do you primarily use to capture the images?
A lot of the time it can be hit and miss. To find an awesome location I'll sometimes scope it out via Google maps or some sort of satellite. A lot of the time it's just a matter of flying over a certain area and seeing whether it works or not.

Name five of your favourite landscapes that you've shot.
- Sydney beaches
- Zermatt Swiss mountains
- Californian coast
- Bahamas
- Australian desert

Which travel spots are on your bucket list?
I really want to shoot Dubai and the Maldives.

Aerial love: Gab Scanu shares the secret to his incredible photography

How has being aligned with Samsung helped your photography?
It's benefited my work in a major way. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has incredible camera features allowing me to do awesome video work with a portable device. I've also been playing around with the Samsung 360 camera and finding ways to experiment with that using drones.

What Samsung gadgets do you use?
I use the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the 360 camera.

Your work offers a new perspective on  familiar landscapes, what is it about coastlines that draws you in?
For me, it's the fact that the water colours and textures are constantly changing and act almost as an abstract painting, so shooting the same location everyday can still result in a different and unique outcome.

How much digital work is done to your photos after being shot?
I do a fair bit of editing to my images, obviously depending on the scenario. A lot of the time it's just a matter of a simple clean up in Photoshop and then into Lightroom to do my colour work.

Aerial love: Gab Scanu shares the secret to his incredible photography

Which photographers or artists are you inspired by?
I'm really inspired by the work of Australian based artist Mitch Gobel, who creates amazing abstract pieces of art using resin.

Digital has had a huge influence on photography as a medium. Where would you like to see photography evolve to in the future?
I think photography is naturally going to evolve into the 3D/virtual space in the future, making imagery all the more realistic and interactive.

Aerial love: Gab Scanu shares the secret to his incredible photography