Zoë Foster Blake on beauty, workouts and training with husband Hamish

Zoë Foster Blake on beauty, workouts and training with husband Hamish

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Text: Yeong Sassall

We chat to Zoë Foster Blake about real-girl workout beauty tips, desert island products and shooting alongside hubby Hamish for the latest Bonds activewear campaign

When you stack up Zoë Foster Blake's list of achievements: beauty editor, author, Go-To skin care entrepreneur; they're impressive enough. Add them to the CV of husband Hamish Blake (TV presenter, comedian, radio announcer) and you can see why the couple are one of Australia's best known and loved pairings. And don't get us started on their adorable toddler Sonny... Boasting wit, charm and a healthy dose of competiveness, the newest Bonds campaign stars take fitness to task in this fun video and shoot. Even though it's concept that could have easily slid into cheeseball territory, Zoë and Hamish thankfully keep it real in the Bonds Sport shoot. Read on to find out what went down at the campaign shoot and why Zoë swears against wearing make-up while working out.

This is the first campaign you've shot with your husband Hamish - what was the vibe on set like?
Fun! I felt so at ease and confident having my best mate and number one cheerleader there. He's such a pro in front of the camera, I very much took his lead. Plus, we had the absolute dream team in terms of crew and creative direction. We signed on because the concept was fun, and we got to be ourselves and just be silly buggers, and the shoot was very true to that.

Do you and Hamish work out together?
For sure, we used to all the time, before we had a child. There was this functionality boot camp thing we'd go to and get smashed to the point where I'd almost want to vom...  then we'd have a big breakfast to quickly put all the calories back in. Phew! Now we're parents time is a lot tighter, so we have to tag team when it comes to classes/exercise. Plus, I am more of a pilates/walk girl than bootcamp champ nowdays.

The Bonds campaign is all about activewear - do you fall into the camp of wearing activewear as casualwear?
Definitely. Not so much leggings as pants (though after a class they may stay on while I run errands for a few hours), but more hoodies and bombers and trainers and trackpants.

You're a known beauty girl - do you wear make-up when you work out? What's your stance on it?
Nah, it's not great for the skin. Plus it all kind of slides off anyway. I'm generally just tinted moisturiser, lip balm and mascara for exercise.

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Can you share any workout beauty tips, such as:

How to deal with sweat hair: Pin it up high and loose before working out, that will save you a lot of sweat in there, then use dry shampoo and some hot air (even from a hand dryer) post-workout. The less wet and clingy to the head, the better.

How to stop a work out ruining your blow-dry: You need a loose, high pony or bun, and bobby pins for strays. Then a hairdryer and dry shampoo afterwards.

Products you can use on your face and safely exercise: Always use sun protection when outdoors, always. If you want some coverage, just use concealer where you need it, or some BB or CC cream or tinted moisturiser. Mascara and filling in your brows will make you look 'done' without clogging or annoying the skin.

Sunscreens that are ok to exercise outdoors in: All of them! Just be sure to use a dedicated SPF broad spectrum 30 sun protection, not just your face cream with SPF 10 - it's not enough.

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Is there any beauty product you would NEVER put on your face while working out?
Foundation: it will stop your pores being able to 'breathe' and you risk getting spots. Oh, and blush. You will get natural blush pretty quick if you're doing it right.

What are your top 5 all-time favourite beauty products (ones you couldn't live without) and why?
Batiste Dry Shampoo - I love it in clean hair (for volume and texture) as much as I do filthy hair.
NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser - just enough coverage for my pigmentation, and enough dew to make me look healthier and better slept than I ever am.

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray - It gives the best finish, texture and body, instantly. Especially when my hair is too clean and stupid. Or I need my tonged-in curls to be less perfect, and more sexy.

Any lipstick or lip crayon in orangey red - I switch them up all the time, but an orange-red wakes my face up and makes me feel and look polished in seconds.

Go-To Face Hero - I love all my products dearly, but if I was forced at gunpoint to choose, this deeply nourishing and soothing face oil would win.

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Have you tried any amazing beauty treatments that you can share with us?Omnilux is fantastic when I need huge amounts of glow and bounce (like for a big event, or a press tour etc), and I highly recommend it for brides in the weeks before their wedding. I also like Dermafusion right now - it's a fine comrade in my ongoing war against hyperpigmentation.

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