Your no BS guide to keeping Christmas kilos at bay

Text: Yeong Sassall

Personal trainer James Anderson shows you how to stay trim toned this silly season

You probably see dozens of articles like this just before Christmas, correct? These articles talk about how you can make a start to your New Year resolutions early, beat the Christmas bulge, and be moderate through the festivities to ensure you start January in the strongest possible position.

You read them you think - "Hey, that sounds great. Maybe I'll do that this year. I'll stay restrained and moderate, make healthier versions of all my favourite Christmas foods and do everything they suggest, like filling up on turkey first, eating slowly and not having second helpings."

And do you... NOT do that. But that's okay. You're human, as we all are, and unless you're one of those crazy, narcissistic fitspo freaks who gets some weird kick from turning down delicious food while everyone else is eating to their heart's content, trying to exercise moderation over Christmas is a painful experience. At least, it can be. You might have read those festive articles before -- but you've NEVER read one like this. So, here's how to stay jolly without getting a jelly belly this Christmas. Merry Xmas! 

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