The 5 best yoga poses to burn fat

The 5 best yoga poses to burn fat

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Russian-born yoga instructor Masha Gorodilova takes us through her all-time favourite fat-burning yoga moves. The best bit? You can even do these at home

The best time of the day to do asana for weight loss is the morning. When you wake up and go to the bathroom, have a glass of hot water with lemon. This is the best way to kick-start your metabolism before you do anything. Then roll out your mat and begin with: 

1. Sun salutations A (8 rounds) 

It's the best way to warm up the body from head to toes. Get your breath into a rhythm. Starting at Tadasana (mountain pose) at the top of your mat, with your next inhale bring your hands up and look up. As you exhale, fold forward and reach your fingers to the floor. Inhale, look forward, exhale then step back to plank position. At the top of your plank, lower yourself down to low plank, inhale while doing upfacing dog and exhale to downward facing dog. Hold for two breaths and after your last exhale, step your feet to the top of your mat. Inhale, look forward and exhale fold. Inhale stand up tall and exhale hands to heart centre.

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The 5 best yoga poses to burn fat (фото 1)

2. Sun salutations B (4 rounds)

This series gets the heart rate moving and gets deeper into your hips and shoulders. This sequence is the same as above, but simply add Warrior 1 and chair instead of Tadasana

3. Lunge with a twist (2 on each side)

To start the detox process it's important to twist into the organ body! This is about your breath moving into your kidney and liver. Step your right foot forward and lean into the lunge, then twist your body to the left and extend your left arm up. Repeat this on the opposite side.

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The 5 best yoga poses to burn fat (фото 2)

4. Head stand (1 min) 

Use props or the wall but it's important to get the blood moving down the spine for clarity of thoughts and mind. This pose is a bit more advanced so only attempt this if you've successfully done it in class.

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5. Ab work on the floor with twists (3-5 mins) 

Mix it up and make it yours. You can hold a plank for a minute or do obliques on the floor. Do your ab work mindfully and with breath.

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Originally from Siberia in Russia, Masha discovered yoga at 13 years old, using the practice to heal her body and mind as part of a rigorous professional track and field career. After travelling the world to further her knowledge and skills as a teacher, she has gone on to work and train with some of the best yoga instructors in New York, India and Australia, including Dana Flynn of U.S.-based yoga institution Laughing Lotus. With over 15 years' experience Masha brings an energetic and dynamic style of yoga to Happy Melon.

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