Wraps vs bread: the 14 healthiest food choices revealed

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With so many healthy chow choices available from gluten-free bread to spelt wraps to brown rice to quinoa, how to make the best slim-line, all-star health selection at every meal, snack or cocktail hour? 

Standing in the lunchtime line facing another internal debate over which is the healthier choice for Tuesday's lunch out of a sandwich or wrap? Or should you instead go for a juice or even just a piece of fruit? What about Friday night drinks - which is the low-cal option - wine or champagne? All that daily sustenance decision-making feels as hectic as it sounds - which is not how meal times should roll out. So we asked Find Your Glow star nutritionist, Zoe Dent to spill on the truth about which food choices are the healthiest, slim-line options when confronted with common scenarios like should you eat sweet potato or white potato? Gluten-free bread versus sourdough? Is salmon better than small white fish or the other way around? The answers may surprise you (spoiler alert: for any French fizz fans out there - feel free to cheer, bubbles come out on top in the white wine versus fizz debate).

Scroll through for Zoe's expert advice on which food choices to make next time you're confronted with a curly brown rice versus quinoa lunch line question:  

For more stellar nutrition advice head to Zoe's website: 
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