Hot to trot: the workouts to watch in 2016

Hot to trot: the workouts to watch in 2016

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Keen to try the latest training trend? Who better to share his fitness forecast than former NRL player, personal trainer and Flow Athletic co-founder Ben Lucas?

There's always something new and exciting coming out in the fitness industry. A lot of it can be pretty questionable, but every now and then you come across something so amazing that within six months you just know everyone will be on board. 

I travel to the US twice a year to monitor the latest fitness trends and if anything really stands out, we try to see how we can incorporate it at Flow Athletic as we are always looking to evolve and stay ahead of the game. I got back from my most recent trip a week ago and participated in some pretty amazing sessions. Here are my top workouts trends to watch out for in 2016.

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Indoor cycling
Yes, you may think this is an old style of workout that just keeps plodding along, but trust me when I say that indoor cycling is going to make a major comeback in 2016!

There are a number of different class formats available now, including: cycling with weights, music-focused sessions, heated cycling and other sessions that focus on power or watts. At Flow Athletic, we're already making some exciting changes to our cycling department which will launch in February. Stay tuned, it will be very unique to the Australian market.

Hybrid workouts
These will trend again in 2016, following the US's lead where YAS (yoga and spin) is highly popular. These are the best kinds of sessions for time-poor people who want more bang for their buck. Flow Athletic's specialty is the hybrid class, with combinations of strength/spin, yoga/spin, boxing/yoga on offer.

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High intensity interval training will continue to be popular next year with brands such as F45 continuing to expand and grow. Most gyms offer a HIIT option, so if you haven't tried it yet, give yourself a challenge and have a go.

Aerial yoga
Not only does it make for a great Instagram pic, but it's also a great way to get a deep stretch in. It's fun to mix up your yoga workouts and there are now so many styles available that it just makes sense to migrate over and try aerial!

Apart from tech gadgets like the FitBit, streaming technology is increasingly popular in the fitness industry. In the US, Peloton live streams its indoor cycling classes for its clients to do at home in real time. Keep an eye out for live streaming sites such as Australia's own The X Cast - they're likely to be offering some cool channels for those into health and fitness.

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