A deep, restorative sleep is the holy grail of health - it's the time in the 24 hour cycle that our bods have a chance to hit the reset button and iron out all the wrinkles and crinkles ready to take on the next day. But sometimes the land of nod is harder to get to than a location on a partially downloaded Google map, the minutes just keep relentlessly ticking over with no shut in eye in sight.

A variety of factors can result in low-to-no sleep and one of those factors is what we chow down on and chug back prior to lights out. Some foods and drinks are pretty clearly no-go zones if we want to have a good night's sleep (extra-large latte we're talking to you), but what foods and drinks will actually help us sleep?

We asked nutrition expert Dr Libby Weaver, author of What Am I Supposed to Eat? to share her insights into what foods and drinks will help us have a stellar sleep, scroll through for her snooze food list:

Dr Libby Weaver's book What Am I Supposed to Eat? will be available from August 30 and she will be touring from September 4. Dates and details: www.drlibby.com 
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Wide awake at 3am? Eat these foods for a relaxing night’s sleep