Why you should be detoxing in winter

Why you should be detoxing in winter

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Text: Anna McClelland

You don't have to save your juice cleanse for spring and summer

Blame it on that extra serve of mac 'n' cheese/nightly hot chocolate/red wine and cheese habit, but our digestive system tends to be at its most sluggish in winter. All the more reason, therefore, to kick it back into gear (and ditch those bad habits) with a quick detox.

We know juicing is easier in summer, when a) it's hot so you're not that hungry anyway and b) weekend beach sessions provide the ultimate motivation, but cleansing in winter isn't just for gluttons for punishment. The best winter cleanses have been purpose-blended for the cooler months, aiming to boost immunity and offering extra nourishment when you need it most - minus the calories of traditional comfort foods. Here, three of our favourites.

1. Prodjuice The Winter Cleanse

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Breakfast, lunch and dinner are piping hot bowls of chia pudding (coconut and raspberry), bone broth (or mushroom for vegetarians) and soup (Vedic mung dahl and kale), so you don't feel at all like you're missing out on substantial meals. In between, you'll sip on a turmeric tonic, green juice, an Immune shot of cold-pressed ginger, garlic, lemon, raw honey and oregano oil and a creamy Golden Ashwagandha Almond milk made with turmeric, ginger, ashwagandha, cinnamon, vanilla and brown rice malt syrup for dessert.
From $90/one day to $420/five days;

2. Orchard Street Winter Cleanse

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Designed by naturopaths to support the immune system and made with organic ingredients, Orchard Street's Winter cleanse is made up of three juices (one green, one berry-based and one citrus), miso broth, a spiced coconut and nut milk, echinacea tea, kefir and 'Fireball Booster' - a tonic of turmeric, ginger, garlic, lemon and cayenne.
From $95/one day to $475/five days;

3. Pressed Juices Basic Cleanse

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Okay, so this one's just juices (and a milk), but you get to choose each one from an impressive list of options that includes seasonal and very wintery ingredients. Take the Earth 3 - a carrot, beetroot, chamomile tea, fennel, ginger and lemon blend - or the Banana Salted Caramel smoothie - a creamy concoction of pecan and walnut mylk, banana, chia, dates, mesquite, Himalayan salt and vanilla. Whoever thought cleansing could be this delicious?
From $198/three days to $319/five days;

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