Why you need to add ‘goat yoga’ to your workout routine

Why you need to add ‘goat yoga’ to your workout routine

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If the thought of doing another downward dog fills you with yawn-inducing boredom, it’s probably time to get involved with the newest exercise ‘kid’ on the block: goat yoga

The exact origins of the latest exercise craze sweeping the globe and our social feeds is murky at best, but word on the Namaste street is that it got its start in small farming towns in the US of A as possibly a 'bring your pet to work' initiative (don't quote us on that last part). But however it started 'goat yoga' has really taken off as the most back-to-nature way to practice sun salutes.

And just like other forms of alternate yoga such as beer yoga (yogis drink beer during practice), aerial yoga (yoga in an elevated harness), naked yoga (exactly how it sounds) - goat yoga involves actual goats (usually baby goats, because adult goats are too heavy) in the practice. They jump on the backs of yogis doing plank or wheel pose during class, run, skip and play around the yoga mats and generally provide a fun, furry addition to the practice.

Goat yoga

Animal therapy has long been used in rehabilitation programs and according to Medical Daily, " ...a 2005 study published in the British Medical Journal found that playing with your pet can raise levels of serotonin and dopamine," the two neurotransmitters in our brains that regulate happiness and well-being. Medical Daily further reports, "Spending time with animals has also been linked to increased longevity and a healthier heart."

By combining the mind/body practice of yoga with the uplifting benefits of spending time with oh-so-cute baby animals, sounds like this new yoga craze might not be that crazy after all.

As for where to find a class, head to The Original Goat Yoga website for upcoming workshops in Australia or you could always ask a pastoral pal to borrow a patch of grass, baby goat and downward doe you go.

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