Why Margot vs Lily is your new binge-watch addiction

Why Margot vs Lily is your new binge-watch addiction

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Suddenly, working out just got a lot more entertaining

We've been getting inspiration from our screens for as long as we can remember - it takes a strong woman to watch a Beyoncé video and not feel compelled to sign up for a dance class the next day. And who didn't crave a pair of Manolo Blahniks while watching Sex and the City? So we're hoping that our latest addiction, Nike original show series Margot vs Lily, will motivate us to work out more.

It's not a giant leap - the series centres around two American sisters: Lily is a YouTube fitspo sensation and Margot is, well, more like us. She drinks, she parties and she doesn't have the most committed relationship to exercise. Guilty as charged.

If you haven't already been watching, the series is currently up to Episode 4. It's got a huge audience in the US (Ep 1 has had over 12 million views on YouTube alone) and it's a little like Community meets Girls meets your Instagram feed - i.e. compulsory viewing.

The episodes are short and sharp (read: you can easily catch up in the one sitting) and each one concludes with the most laugh-out-loud (but somehow, strangely motivating) VLOG from Lily (her karate kick catchphrase is the ultimate). And that's where the real life fitspo really kicks in - each VLOG is based on a workout taken from the Nike+ Training Club app, which, just quietly, we're a little bit obsessed with.

The series was created to tie in with Nike's Better For It women's initiative, and they tapped some serious filmmaking talent to bring it to life.  Filmmaker Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (Glee, Argo, American Horror Story), Tricia Brock (she's directed episodes of The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black and Community) and bestselling author Jesse Andrews (the guy who wrote Me and Earl and the Dying Girl) collaborated on the series - and their influence is incredibly clear.

The show cleverly taps into our collective fitspo obsession, making it must-watch viewing - we'd be very surprised if you don't have a Lily - and several Margots - in your life. We've found ourselves wishing Lily actually existed just so we could watch her YouTube vids - and we bet any fitspo star watching at home is kicking herself she didn't come up with Lily's moves. Episode 4 launches today, but in the meantime, catch up here. And if inspiration strikes, register your newly motivated self for all-day fitness fest NTC Tour Sydney and bring some moves of your own.

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