Why everyone needs a quickie in their life

Why everyone needs a quickie in their life

Text: Yeong Sassall

Tegan Haining has news for you – it is possible to turn your life around in just seven days

Many fitness programs out there cater to clients who need to lose 10-20 kilos, but what about people who only need to shed a few, remove the bloat and get their eating back on track? Many of us already know what we need to do, but just can't seem to kick-start and stay committed to a fitness plan.

Tegan Haining is a celebrity trainer and author of the new book, The 7 Day Quickie. No it's not straight up sex for a week (sorry!) but rather, the 'Quickie' is a simple, easy to follow, food, fitness and feel good program to get the spring back in your step. The idea is that anyone can commit to a 7 day reset. The 7 Day Quickie is filled with wellness tips and tricks to make getting in shape feel like it's easy, enjoyable and not a chore.

Here's a sneak peek of the book:


The mindset

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While you are working on your body, you will also be working on your mind. Any good fitness program begins with a positive mindset. Throughout the week you should track how you are feeling. When you wake up in the morning do you:

a. Feel unenthusiastic and irritated
b. Still feel tired
c. Feel happy, full of energy and ready to start the day

By reflecting on these questions, you will better understand how your food and lifestyle choices might be affecting your sleep patterns. Remember if you don't sleep well you can wake up tired and irritable, which can lead to comfort eating before noon, which in turn makes you gain weight, feel even more tired, reaching for the wine in the evening and probably needing to start the whole cycle again tomorrow.


The food

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The Quickie takes you through everything you need from shopping lists, to meal plans, to easy (but delicious) recipes and supplements. Getting back to basics is the Quickie theme and the meals reflect this as all the meals are ingredients you would find in any everyday kitchen (i.e. no fancy superfoods). If you're vegetarian never fear, there is a complete meal program for you too.


The education
Along the way you even get a bit of education. It's important to learn WHY you need to avoid certain foods and include more of others to create a balance in your life. When you understand why, you can much more easily keep up with your new healthy habits once the week is over.


The fitness

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With balanced workouts to improve your posture, butt, core and arm targeted add-ons plus HIIT cardio if you choose. You'll be motivated and moving again in no time. And not to forget - stretching! Often overlooked in our weekly regime, stretching is non-negotiable and hopefully after adding it to your routine you will begin to appreciate how important stretching out the soft connective tissue in the body is lifelong health of your body.

The 7 Day Quickie by Tegan Haining, $29.99 (Penguin Random House Australia) is out now,

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