Why drinking this beverage will maximise your workout

Why drinking this beverage will maximise your workout


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Caffeine is renowned for its perk-up properties and a recent study has found that it not only wakes us up it also takes our training to the next level

A steaming, fragrant hot cup of Joe first thing in the am is often the only way the snooze button gets a break. The energising, wake-up call of caffeine is strong and widely known, but it has some health downsides when drunk excessively such as causing dehydration (it's a diuretic), sleeplessness, tension, stress and heart palpitations. And if you're about to work out it's not ideal pre-work out prep to be dehydrated or experiencing heart palpitations before you've even hit the running/cycling/exercise track. However, a recent research study undertaken by physiology professor Bruno Gualano at the University of São Paulo says coffee may actually be the key to a killer training sesh.

The Cut reports that Gualano - a coffee drinker and bike riding enthusiast - designed the study to determine if people who regularly drink coffee can still get the same energy boost to train better, faster, stronger with an additional hit of caffeine as those who don't usually drink coffee. Specifically, does your body get used to caffeine or can it still get the benefits of an extra hit?

According to the article, Gualano's study split a crew of competitive male cyclists into three groups: one group who drank low-to-no caffeine (less than one cup per day), one group who drank a medium amount (around two cups per day), and a group who loved their caffeine, slugging back three plus cups per day. The cyclists then did three timed trials cycling as hard as they could after doing the following: taking nothing, taking a placebo, taking a caffeine pill (equivalent to about four cups of coffee). The results? Almost every rider nailed their fastest time after the caffeine pill, which translated to a speed boost from the caffeine regardless of how much other coffee they usually consumed. That pre-work out latte looks so good right now.

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