Why banishing busy is the best thing you'll ever do

Why banishing busy is the best thing you'll ever do

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A wise person once said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" - and Jacqui lewis couldn't agree more

What we say to the world when we we're 'busy' is that we have no control of our priorities, nor what we do with our time. None of us are immune to the passing of time, and we have become modern masters of unproductivity. We have more gadgets, devices and technological advances than ever before to help us monitor our every move (literally, our every step), yet we're constantly freaking out about how busy we are. Saying you're 'busy' creates mental chaos and a snowball effect of overwhelming feelings. This is helpful to no one.

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Here's the thing; your brain registers whatever you say, whether it's just a thought or a fact, as your reality. So when you say you're "so busy" all the time, your brain feels overwhelmed and exhausted. Busy means a shot of adrenalin and cortisol to try get us through. And after that there's a comedown effect. When our brains are overwhelmed and exhausted so are our bodies. And let's face it: we live in a modern world. We all have lots going on. It's time to banish busy and use our creativity to think about and describe what we're doing with our time in other ways, such as, "I'm really engaged in a work project" or "I'm spending as much time with the kids as possible", instead of always referring to a lack of time.

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3 ways to banish busy

1. Banish the word 'busy' in all language and be creative in describing how you're spending your time.

2. Eliminate feeling overwhelmed  by being aware of how 'busy' creates a mental frenzy.

3. Replace descriptions of busy with:

- "I am engaged in some exciting projects."
- "
I am challenged and inspired."
- "
I have a lot to do."
- "
I am achieving a lot."
- "I am full of purpose."
- "
I am grateful for all the good things I have going on in my life." 

Banishing busy is a central theme within the 7 Day Mind Cleanse, an e-book written by Jacqui Lewis. For more info, head to

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