How many workouts do you ACTUALLY need each week?

Text: Lucie Clark

Cardio? Strength? Yoga? Barre? Pilates? With so many exercise options how do you know what will elevate your body next level? Personal trainer and model Tegan Haining decodes the workout dilemma

With all the different types of fitness regimes out there, it's tough to know which to incorporate into your weekly routine, especially if you don't have endless hours to spend at the gym. The amount of times you should be training per week and which exercises to do all depend on your fitness goals - but for the most of us, we generally want to live a healthy, active lifestyle... with a little ab definition. 

Cardio, strength training and the rest are all major aspects to achieve this, but how much of each should you be doing?  Scroll through the gallery for training by the numbers.

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