Wave babes: 20 of the sexiest surfers you need to know now

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Meet the hottest athletes in the water right now, slaying waves and showing the boys how it's done. Remember these names

Trying to quantify the allure of the surfer babe is a tricky one. Surfers are illusive, mysterious, magical beings - they're laid back, incredibly physical and one with nature. Their hair is sun-kissed, bodies athletic, oft glistening with saltwater, and their lifestyles, enviable.

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Perhaps it comes down to the fact that surfing itself is an all-or-nothing sport, where, unlike say, running or tossing a basketball around, commitment is required. You're at the mercy of nature and actually being in the vicinity of a beach (with decent swell) at all times, then there's the effort of carting a board around, plus once in the water, the physicality needed to jump up on the thing...

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On top of that, there's an addiction that comes with daily salt water dips, it's a need that develops inside beach babes - ask any surfer and they'll tell you. You see, an ocean girl will drop everything for the chance to chase the perfect wave, you can't tame her, you can't tie her town, and while there's water to be ridden, she'll never truly be yours. Modern day mermaids, we salute you.

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