Turmeric lattes are trending, and this is why

Turmeric lattes are trending, and this is why

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Move over, matcha - orange is the new black

Confused by those garish carrot-coloured concoctions the Lululemon crowd are sipping at your local? Allow us to introduce to you the turmeric latte - the latest health craze to sweep the Sydney (and Melbourne) café scene.

Before you roll your eyes, the origins of turmeric lattes actually go far beyond their trending hashtag: they're the 2016 café equivalent of an Ayurvedic healing drink called haldi ka doodh (translation: golden milk). Made from simmering turmeric, ginger and black pepper in milk, the nourishing brew is traditionally drunk in India to ward off colds. The most potent versions are made from juiced turmeric root, as opposed to the more commonly used powder.

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An anti-inflammatory alternative to a coffee, the turmeric latte is popping up on menus everywhere this winter. In Sydney, Bondi Wholefoods does a coconut milk version and Sadhana Kitchen churns out a Turmeric Alchemy Elixir; in Melbourne, head to Organica in Prahan or Serotonin Dealer in Burnley for those smiley-faced versions that are all over your social.

Yes, they can taste a bit like you're downing a curry before 9am (particularly the coconut milk versions), so we suggest asking for extra honey and additional spices, like cinnamon, cardamom or nutmeg, for a healthier take on chai. Or go really crazy and just stick to your regular flat white.

Turmeric lattes are trending, and this is why (фото 2)

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