This is EXACTLY how Jessica Gomes stays in shape

This is EXACTLY how Jessica Gomes stays in shape

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Finally, a model who's honest about their fitness routine, writes Anna McClelland

Jessica Gomes' body is the envy of pretty much everyone, so what if we told you we know exactly how she got it? Good genes aside, it turns out the Australian mega-babe works HARD to maintain her money-maker, and, unlike most models, she isn't afraid to share her secrets. On the eve of the David Jones A/W '16 fashion launch, we quizzed the brand's ambassador on exactly how she prepares for the big night. Refreshingly, you're not going to hear her say she eats whatever she likes and hates exercise - this is Gomes' real pre-show training routine and diet. But be warned: it's not easy...

How do you ramp up your exercise regime before a show?   
In the lead up to the show I train seven days a week, shocking my body with new and challenging exercises. 

What kind of workout do you find gives you the best results? 
Right now it's boxing. I love it, not just for the physical results, it also keeps me extremely focussed and present. 

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Who's your trainer, and what do you like best about their approach? 
Terry Clayton at Pound 4 Gym in LA. Terry trained Jake Gyllenhaal for Southpaw and is literally training me like a professional athlete. 

Show prep aside, what does your fitness routine involve?   
Right now my main exercises are boxing and cardio. Health and fitness are key to my lifestyle and I like to constantly try new things and mix up my routine. For my body, this is how I see the best results. Living in Los Angeles I'm also fortunate to have amazing hike trails at my doorstep, I spend a lot of time outdoors doing hikes and runs. 

Do you follow a particular diet? 
While good nutrition and health are part of my daily life I absolutely love food. 80 per cent of the time I eat super clean with foods that nourish my mind and body and the rest of the time I allow myself to indulge and enjoy. 

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Is there anything you won't eat? 
Eggplant. I can't stand it. 

Do you allow yourself cheat days? 
Of course, I love food. In-N-Out Burger is a favourite. I also love Italian and a delicious glass of red. 

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What's your guilty pleasure? 
French fries.

How do you stay motivated? 
I surround myself with great people who lift me up. My family and friends are amazing. I also think it's important to continually evolve and push yourself in new directions. I'm constantly challenging myself with new things both personally and professionally. Right now, professionally, I am really focussed on acting and film and I can't believe how much I've been inspired and motivated by this new focus. 

What's the best piece of fitness/diet advice you've ever been given? 

Nothing processed; eat whole foods. Essentially like a cave man. 

How do you fit exercise in with a busy schedule and frequent travel? 
I just do it whenever and however I can, whether that be a run or an at-home routine if I'm time poor. 

This is EXACTLY how Jessica Gomes stays in shape (фото 3)


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