Before and after: the truth about total body transformations

Text: Yeong Sassall

It's a matter of expectation vs. reality, says personal trainer James Anderson

If an alien landed on earth and first thing they did was browse Instagram or Facebook, they'd probably assume that the world was inhabited solely by guys with shredded six-packs, girls with big sculpted butts - and that our hashtag language was #stupid and #unreflective #of #the #actual #photo.

Truth is, there has never been more cover models on the streets strutting with their physiques. The problem with this however is that it's also put a huge amount of pressure on the average Joe (or Joanna) to look this amazing - all the time. This has seen many of us considering doing some sort of body transformation, where we diet to try and rival the physiques that our favourite fitness celebrities have. We don't just want to lose weight; we want to be lean, ripped, shredded and with the lowest body fat possible.

We embark on this new training plan and strict eating regime with puppy-like enthusiasm and vigour. Our expectation is often that if doing something stupid is apparently good, then all things being equal, doing more of said stupid stuff at greater intensity would have to be, like, even betterer or something, right? Yeah, nah. So, let's talk jovially about the more common and misunderstood expectations versus reality. 


Before and after: the truth about total body transformations (фото 1)

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