The trick Kourtney Kardashian uses to stop mindless snacking

The trick Kourtney Kardashian uses to stop mindless snacking

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Guilty of hitting your secret chocolate stash at about 3pm? Kourtney Kardashian’s secret to stop mindless snacking is simpler than you think

If there is any one Kardashian we trust taking health and fitness advice from, it's super-mum-of-three Kourtney, who is 40-years old, with a body going on 22. The self-confessed 'health freak' has revealed her secret to stop craving temptations in its tracks (because no-one is immune to the sudden desire for sugar and carbs), and it's as simple as boiling the kettle and brewing yourself a cuppa.

The oldest Kardashian sister quit coffee in her 20s has been drinking green tea religiously since making the decision. Having a cup of tea keeps your body and mind occupied for a period of time, subsiding the craving for something naughty. It's also no secret that green tea is filled with antioxidants and active compounds that aid in the process of breaking down fat cells and speeding up your metabolism; win/win! The reality star sometimes adds coconut milk and honey to her brew, and recently revealed on her website that her latest tea of choice is a Starbucks hot matcha latte with almond coconut milk.

This is something the entire family is on board of. If you have flicked on the E! Network any time over the past 10 years; you would have no doubt seen one of the many Kardashians sitting around the kitchen bench with a huge salad in one hand, and a Starbucks iced tea in the other.

So next time a Kit-Kat crosses your mind, walk to the kitchen and flick on the kettle. 

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