State of play: what trainers hate about the fitness industry

State of play: what trainers hate about the fitness industry

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Text: Brittany Lane

Ok, this is might very well sound harsh AF, but it's also completely true and something that I am only saying because I do care about people's health. So here goes...

1.Body Shaming:

Seriously, if you're someone that shames someone else for being themselves it's about time you STFU. Look, I'd love to sit here and say that no one gives a f**k about the negative opinions of those who try to gain significance in the world by tearing down others, but the sad truth is that we often do. You also may have noticed that I said body shaming, not just the more common fat shaming that we are normally used to. The reason I say this is because there seems to have been a big shift towards the body shaming of "thin" or "skinny" women, too. Well, no matter what type of body shaming, it ALL needs to stop!

Sure, there are certainly people who teeter on the edge of being an unhealthy weight, whether that's because they're carrying too much fat, or maybe not enough - but unless you're a doctor and you've run tests to establish such a diagnosis, then maybe you should just keep your nose out of it and focus on your own life. 

Having been a trainer for over a decade, I'd say the clear majority of people are just trying to become stronger, healthier, and happier versions of themselves. And the truth of the matter is that there is such a thing as being naturally "thin" or "skinny", just like there are some of us (me included) that tend to hold a little more weight.  Neither are necessarily unhealthy, just different. You could say that we're all just unique snowflakes of awesomeness, all made up of different shapes and sizes but all still made from the same stuff -- human stuff. 

So, considering we're all the same, and we all know that life can be hard enough at times, could we not all agree to try and follow our Mum's advice when she said "if you've got nothing nice to say then just keep your f**king mouths shut and/or fingers off the keyboard". Well, I might have been paraphrasing somewhat there but I'm sure you're probably picking up what I'm putting down here, right? I'm just fed up of watching amazing people constantly feeling that they need to defend themselves for simply being themselves.

2. My "thing" is the best and is better than your "thing":

This one has become almost as bad as listening to people discuss religion (or politics). The age old "my god is better than your god" has now been replaced by "my diet/training/lifestyle is better than your diet/training/lifestyle". What's worse is that rather than allowing people to find what works best for them, they're force-fed outrageous statements about how they'll "die if they eat gluten" or "if they don't do single-leg squats, on a fit-ball, with one eye closed, using a hula-hoop, then they'll never be able to perform basic life tasks again". Seriously, when did basic common sense become so uncommon? Well, let's clear these things up:

1. Unless you're someone who suffers from celiac disease, chances are you're going to be just fine eating gluten every now and again. 2.Unless your daily life is as a Cirque Du Soleil performer, then I'm 99% sure you'll be just fine sitting on the end of your bed each morning as you tie your shoes without having to worry about the ever-ominous risk of falling out your apartment window if you somehow lost your balance. 

The problem with today's society is that we follow advice as gospel without ever checking the important facts, such as: Is it safe for us, personally? Will it fit into our personal and unique lifestyles in a positive way? We need to stop being so fixated on following the "exact blueprints" of how other people eat and train and start becoming more flexible in our own approach to finding what works for each of our intricate and unique lives. Because it's entirely okay to take the best and leave the rest of the things that work for you. Just as there are many ways to skin a cat, there are also many ways to lose some fat. 

What I am trying to get at here is that how can a diet or training program be the "best" if it makes you feel and function like the "worst" version of yourself? Oh, and how can it be the best if you missing out on the best things in chocolate! S**t, that is, unless your lactose intolerant - ouch, sorry. In all seriousness though, I'm not saying don't try things out, I am only saying that it's important to first test and trial them out to see if they fit in with you and your lifestyle. After all, just because your favourite influencer tells you to jump off a gluten-free bridge, that doesn't mean you should. That is, unless you're jumping into a river of chocolate...Life's conundrums! 

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