The simple formula for toned, lean dancer legs

The simple formula for toned, lean dancer legs

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Ever seen a ballet dancer’s legs you didn’t like? Us either, those toned, lean legs are a perfect 10 and here Ricardo Riskalla shares the easy tips to get your own whistle-worthy pair of pins

The business of legs is a serious one - a long, toned set can carry off any fashion trend from skinny jeans to '70s-style minis to a high-cut on-trend bikini. Good legs are age-defying, glamorous and on everyone's dream body wish list. But unless you're a professional ballerina and are being paid to tone those legs through endless of hours of dance every day who has the time to turn those legs into a perfect 10?

Turns out we all have time with Ricardo's super easy leg toning formula which he shares here:

#1 Diet: Avoid added salt or sugar. Those two create water retention and when you add gravity into the mix, most of the retained fluid will go to the lower parts of the body.

#2 Barre work: Do a high repetition of ballet pliés performed on tip toes.  I recommend starting with five minutes and building up to 15 minutes or more.

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#3 Hip raises:  Lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor (on tip toes), lift your hips up and down and maintain tip toes during the whole exercise. Start with six minutes and build up to 20 minutes. These exercises will hurt - but the trick to toning your legs is high repetition body weight exercises. 

Lily Aldridge hip raises

#4 Daily walk: Add a daily walk of one hour every day to relax the body and mind.

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