The ONLY 3 nutrition rules you need to live by

The ONLY 3 nutrition rules you need to live by

Forget the rest

Text: Yeong Sassall

Ditch every bit of food knowledge you think you have - trainer Jonathan Cawte gives it to us straight

Getting your nutrition right is not as complicated as some experts make out. What stands in people's way is their inability to consistently implement what works. Please don't fall into the trap of overlooking these rules and immediately looking for something more complicated. These rules may be simple, but they're easy to remember.

1. Eat food
Strikingly obvious I know, but this rule is easily broken. The problem isn't the meals you eat sitting down. The problem is the unconscious snacking that exists between meals - especially when it comes in the form of chocolate or cake.

To make it easy, ask yourself two questions - Is what I'm eating a plant or an animal? If it comes out of a packet, are ALL ingredients plants or animals?

Just a reminder: Wine comes from a plant, but rule number two means it's not a food. (Annoying, I know!)

2. Not too much food
Stopping before the end of the packet is near impossible if you're eating something sweet. But consider the last time you were unable to stop eating an apple, carrot or fish? By eating real food you'll feel satisfied faster and eating less will become more achievable.

If you feel you need to lose 2-3 kilograms, this is your focus. I would like to believe that most people know what to eat - they just need to eat a little bit less.

3. Mostly plants
At every meal your plate should be over 50 per cent vegetables or fruit. To put it simply, vegetables are the most nutrient dense and low calorie foods that we have on the planet. Vegetable farming also has the lowest impact on the environment of any food group. My point is, eating vegetables is good for you and the planet.

These three rules are the most important rules of nutrition you will ever need. They're not the only rules, but they're the ones you must follow FIRST.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Got it?

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