The ONE thing you can’t leave out of your fitness routine

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Text: Noelle Faulkner

Image: The Upside

Training hard but still struggling with results? Model trainer Ricardo Riskalla has some news for you.

Most fitness articles talk about exercise and all too often, without exception, 90% of them seem to leave out a very crucial element: recovery. That being, recovery from exercise. It is one of the most important factors in fitness.  Why? Exercise, like or not, is a stress on the body.

Every time you exercise, you create micro tears and inflammation at muscle level. Basically, the exercise breaks down the muscle and with good diet and rest, the body can create new muscle tissue. That is how the magic happens.

No matter how hard you've worked out, without proper rest, your results are going to be minimal and not healthy at all. So that's why it is important to be gentle and respect your body. Like anything in nature, training needs to follow cycles, and resting is one of them.

We should all be booking in a rest day at least once or twice a week. Click through the gallery to see some tricks that I suggest to my clients to speed up recovery.

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