The new way to do wellness in 2017

The new way to do wellness in 2017


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In 2017 the #humblebrag health goal is visibly glowing good health for both body and mind, but how to get it in our time-starved lives?

If Instagram is to be believed the way to wellness and amazing good health is by detoxing, switching off, slowing down, acting mindful and doing a ton of yoga. Which in theory is brilliant because who doesn't want a strong, lean yoga-toned body, luminous skin and a clear, uncluttered mind? But in practice...well, all that mindfulness, yoga practice and detoxing actually takes a bunch of hours most people don't have. Also, with so many new wellness trends and detox programs cropping up almost daily, it's impossible to know which trend to try and what detox path to follow. Which is where the new one-stop wellness shop comes in.

Freshly opened in popular yoga destination Body Mind Life - Vrai Health has all the detox and wellness activities in one calm, zen-like address. From cryotherapy to far-infrared sauna to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to chakra-puncture it's got it all.

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But just how do all the therapies work and should we believe the hype?

Cryotherapy is a frosty but pain-free therapy where sub-zero nitrogen is blasted at your body, cooling you down until you basically kick into survival mode. According to the literature, hitting survival mode aids muscle recovery, reduces inflammation, can improve sleep and helps with weight loss. As for whether it works - it's a therapy that's been around in some form or another since the 1970s and the targeted form, "icing" is a common method athletes use to recover from injury - so there's evidence to support it.

As for far-infrared sauna, it's a much pleasanter experience than a traditional steam sauna - you feel warm but not boiling and the sweat factor means it's definitely doing good detox work. It's also claimed to be good for muscle recovery, great for your skin and also a stress reliever.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy actually looks quite scary - it's a bag-like chamber your full body including your head goes into - which Vrai says is the most effective treatment for delivering oxygen to your cells (we rely on that to live so it's got to be good for us, right?) and they do use a hyperbaric oxygen chamber in hospitals for serious wound healing - so there's medical evidence to support it.

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If you're a fan of acupuncture, Vrai offers chakra-puncture, which feels similar to acupuncture (needles are involved) but according to Vrai's practitioner, it works in a different way to restore balance and energy levels. As for the evidence, it's hard to quantify but it is a relaxing treatment so at the least it's an effective stress reliever.

And after you've tried one or all of the therapies on offer you can round your wellness out with a knockout yoga class.

Vrai Health is located in Body Mind Life's Surry Hills studio, 1/84 Mary Street, Surry Hills.

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