A new study finds that male PMS is actually a thing...

A new study finds that male PMS is actually a thing...

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… But sadly not for reasons that you’d think

Oh, man. If you've ever wondered why you fork out hundreds of dollars a year for the Pill, endure the three-months-pregnant bloat and get Jekyll-and-Hyde mood swings on the regular - blame men and their inability to deal with contraception. And before you accuse us of getting all capital F about it - yes, we have proof.

You might have heard the thrilling news that scientists have been developing a male contraception that works very similarly the Pill. Known as a birth control shot, the injection, which is administered every eight weeks, has been undergoing testing around the world since 2008. Using a synthetic form of testosterone and a derivative of female hormones progesterone and oestrogen, the shot tricks the body into thinking it has produced enough testosterone, so that it shuts down the testicles' production of testosterone and sperm. Handy.

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But, as CNN reports, even though the shot was found to be highly effective for its 18-45 year old test subjects, the study has been shut down early because - get this - men didn't like the side effects. The side effects, might we add, are ones that mirror the ones many, many women suffer while using the Pill - such as increased risk of depression, mood swings, muscle pain, increased libido, acne. Other complaints about injection site pain prove that men hate needles as mich as children. Oh, and did we mention that many men dropped out of the study early once they started dealing with the PMS, sorry, 'side effects'? (And apparently we're the weaker sex?)

Furthermore, researchers discovered that after completing the study, most men returned to healthy levels of fertility after taking the drug, with only a small sample of participants adversely affected by the birth control shot. And even though the risk of infertility is there, compared to the risks associated with the female contraceptive Pill, they don't compare.

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"These risks of fertility damage are not fatal risks like the women endure with their birth control," says Elisabeth Lloyd, a faculty scholar at the Kinsey Institute and professor of biology and adjunct professor of philosophy at Indiana University Bloomington. "You have to compare what women are doing in terms of taking hormones with what men are doing in terms of taking hormones. Are they taking their life in their hands when they take the hormones? Women are. And that needs to be put right up in front when considering the risk." 

Finally, even though 75 per cent of men who used the contraceptive shot said they'd use it again, the study was still terminated. We guess male PMS trumps life threatening blood clots and strokes - which makes total sense, right? We guess we'll just have to keep on powering through our contraception woes until guys learn how to man up. 

A new study finds that male PMS is actually a thing... (фото 3)

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