If no matter how many lotions and potions you slather on morning and night, good skin evades you - it might be time to take a look at your diet. Yes, there are plenty of complicating factors when it comes to getting a glowing complexion - genetics and hormones play their part - but eating the right diet is crucial. "Diet and lifestyle play a huge part in maintaining a healthy complexion," says top models' facialist Melanie Grant.

So just what does a good skin diet look like? Good news - it's a helluva lot simpler than the likes of Paleo and co. Forget daily weigh-ins - all you need to do is look in the mirror to monitor your progress. Expect to start to see results around the three week mark, but it will take up to two months for the diet to really take effect. The best bit? Don't be surprised if you lose weight at the same time. Here's what you need to do. 

The good skin diet: 8 simple tweaks to what you eat