The fitness tips Bondi’s top trainers swear by

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Image: Image: Monique Craft wearing Bondi Active photographed by Scottie Hendo

Spring is coming and in readiness for the warmer, leg-baring weather we asked five of Bondi's fittest trainers to share their top tips to get in shape, fast

Like the inevitable march of time, seasons change regardless of how ready we are to uncover our bodies which have been happily hibernating under many layers of clothing during the chill wintry months. So with spring upon us, it's time to put down the popcorn, pack away the doona and get ready to face the short-wearing season.

To kickstart the nerve-wracking process of reacquainting bare legs and arms with the outside world we asked Bondi's top trainers including Lauren Hannaford (creator of FHIT by Lauren Hannaford), Danielle Bazergy (creator of DB Girl Gang), Nik Toth (Lean Body Formula creator), Tegan Haining (7-Day Quickie founder and David Beckham's former trainer), Monique  Craft (founder of BodyCraft) to share their numero uno tip to get and stay in shape. Scroll through for their wise words of workout wisdom:

You can connect with the trainers here: 
Lauren Hannaford: 
Danielle Bazergy: @daniellebazergy 
Nik Toth: 
Tegan Haining: 
Monique Craft:

In the gallery (where applicable) the trainers are wearing Bondi Active and were photographed by  Scottie Hendo

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